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Friday16 November 2018

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Kenya Mental Health Policy

Kenya has obtained a milestone in Mental Health.

Oasis Africa is glad to announce that on Tuesday May 17, the Ministry of Health invited Oasis Africa among other stakeholders to attend the launching of the Kenya Mental Health Policy at the Hilton Hotel, Nairobi. Dr. Gladys Mwiti represented Oasis Africa as well as Kenya Psychological Association (KPA).

Over the past several years, Oasis Africa and KPA were involved all along in writing stage the policy alongside other groups. It is good to see the fruit of this journey.

Among the chief guests at the launch was Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Health, Dr. C. Maillu and WHO Country Rep. Dr. Custodia Mandhlate. She has been a major champion in the completion of the Policy. The attendance was very good. Kenya Psychiatrists Association was also represented and the need for psychologists to work closely with psychiatrists emphasized.

Another milestone is that Kenya's Ministry of Health is busy As with the formation of the Board of Counseling & Psychology.

The Kenya Mental Health Policy will be a guiding document on the engagement of Psychologists in the mental health of this Nation through the Ministry of Health.


Here is a copy for those engaged in mental health for Kenya as well as friends and well-wishers. Please, refer the document to others who might need to know what the future services of mental health in Kenya will entail. Of particular note is the multidisciplinary multi-leveled grassroots oriented and preventive approach that many of us have desired to see Kenya adopt.

Gladys K. Mwiti, PhD Founder & CEO Oasis Africa Center for Transformational Psychology & Trauma