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It is normal to have life challenges that sometimes become difficult to handle alone. Often, we seek help from friends or relatives. These become major support systems to help us cope with grief, broken relationships, conflict, parenting challenges, marital problems, depression, sudden job loss, as well as major life challenges. However, when problems persist, it is advised that one seeks professional help.

At Oasis Africa, you will receive professional counseling for short-term problems, for example, brief consultations on work challenges, parenting challenges, and so on; or psychotherapy, a more long-term treatment that focuses on a broader range of issues, for example, depression, marriage problems, posttraumatic stress disorder, and so on.

The psychotherapist helps the client to identify and work through the factors that may be causing the problems. A good therapist helps the client learn coping mechanisms, problem solve and change behavior patterns that may contribute to your symptoms

All Psychologists at Oasis Africa receive regular supervision to ensure quality services. In addition, because we service a wide range of clientele – both individual and/or corporate referrals, the organization has indemnity insurance that ensures that our services are of the highest quality.

Oasis Africa has over 27 years experience in the field of behavioral and mental health with sterling impact across Africa. A training and consulting firm: we focus on serving the comprehensive needs of groups and individuals within companies, NGOs, churches, the government and the wider society.

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Oasis Africa is a Center for Transformational Psychology and Trauma, a pan-African professional organization shaping the field of psychology in Kenya

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