Oasis Africa is a Practicum/Internship Placement Site for psychologists from various universities – local and international, for Masters and Doctoral psychology interns. We offer a well-rounded and unique training opportunity in clinical therapeutic interventions, assessment, training skills and consultancy skills along with interdisciplinary consultation.

The aim of the internship training is to provide the training necessary to fully prepare psychologists with the knowledge and skills needed to launch a successful career as a mental health service psychologist in a highly competitive and challenging environment.

Various activities include:

  • Exposure to diverse clinical experiences and client population.
  • Using the Oasis Africa transformational psychology indigenously-sensitive model for intervention.
  • Using various assessment and supervision for diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Exposure to corporate multidisciplinary consultation, training and individual/group psychotherapy.
  • Focusing on relevant research and evidenced-based practice that can be incorporated into the internship experience through direct clinical services, didactic experiences, consultation and/or supervision.
  • Valuing and focusing on each Intern’s individual training needs and desires.
  • Provision of regular professional Individual and Group Supervision.
  • Growing Report-Writing Skills

Oasis Africa has over 27 years experience in the field of behavioral and mental health with sterling impact across Africa. A training and consulting firm: we focus on serving the comprehensive needs of groups and individuals within companies, NGOs, churches, the government and the wider society.

About Us

Oasis Africa is a Center for Transformational Psychology and Trauma, a pan-African professional organization shaping the field of psychology in Kenya

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