Employee job performance is the backbone of any institution or organization. It indicates the extent to which employees complete tasks, how they utilize the available resources and the time and energy they spend on these tasks. Research has shown that personality factors are valid predictors of job performance. As little as learning how to pitch your profile in 25 words may mean the world or rather a great job opportunity. Today’s world is about “business,” “brevity” And the ability to pitch one-self or one’s business.

At Oasis Africa we carry out trainings and individual sessions to help boost and brand both employees and employers in an organization. We assist employees to personally assess their strengths and check out their weaknesses and threats then plan to embrace the opportunities that life presents. In our training and individual sessions, they create personalized goals, learn how to self-evaluate, build strong support groups, to embrace accountability partners and to celebrate their growth. Thus, they leave the training and/or individual sessions with an action plan for the future.

Oasis Africa has over 27 years experience in the field of behavioral and mental health with sterling impact across Africa. A training and consulting firm: we focus on serving the comprehensive needs of groups and individuals within companies, NGOs, churches, the government and the wider society.

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Oasis Africa is a Center for Transformational Psychology and Trauma, a pan-African professional organization shaping the field of psychology in Kenya

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