HISTORY AND BACKGROUNDMashaka Children's Centre

In October 2007, Oasis Africa opened an Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) project: The Mashaka Children’s Center in Meru District. Mashaka, is a rural slum area within Meru, about four hundred kilometers from Nairobi.

Most of the children in Mashaka slum live with child labor, early prostitution and teenage pregnancy, child abandonment, and HIV/AIDS. Some of the children in our project are orphans who were abandoned as newborn babies, rescued and taken care of by nuns in Catholic shelter and turned back into the community in young  childhood.

Mashaka Children’s Centre started with 120 children, the school currently supports 200 children from Kindergarten to Grade 8.


HOW WE HELPOasis Africa Foundation

Oasis Africa Foundation provides rent for a dilapidated building where the school is located, pays staff salaries, purchases school learning materials, and feeds the children at least one meal a day. This is the  only meal some children have for the day. The school is the only learning institution in the whole slum.

WHAT WE DOServices Offered at Mashaka


The center has eight grade levels from Kindergarten to Class 8, ages 4‐14 years


The children at Mashaka survive on one meal a day, the lunch we serve at school.


We offer psychosocial support such as Caregiver training for parents and guardians


This was established to empower the women who make quilts for income generation.

About Us

Oasis Africa is a Center for Transformational Psychology and Trauma, a pan-African professional organization shaping the field of psychology in Kenya

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