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Friday19 October 2018

Oasis Africa - News and Updates

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Dear Oasis Africa Friends and Colleagues, Grand Challenges has released our video applications for the Stars in Global Health competition. I am writing to ask you to please view our two-minute video and cast your vote in support of our application. Our application is titled “I-CAN: International approach to Child Abuse and Neglect - a mobile phone application.” This application is the first step in a global collaboration that aims to help survivors of child abuse and neglect around the world.

The link below will take you to the page containing all videos.


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Please support this important initiative. Every vote counts!


Continuing Education: Training of Trauma Therapists at Oasis Africa

In Kenya today, the need for professional psychological services is at an all time high. To meet this need, practicing psychologists should work hard to grow their skills and to complete the required hours of Continuing Education. Others in training need to ensure that they gather all the expertise they can graduate to become worthy practitioners in psychology.


Lifeline Team meets with Pastors

Last week Oasis Africa Lifeline team held meetings with Pastors from Baba Dogo and Kibera. The purpose for the meetings was to form partnerships with all Pastors within the slums of Nairobi


Africa Methodist Youth Movement Conference

The Africa Methodist Youth Movement Conference has invited Dr. Gershon K. Mwiti to be its local speaker on the Topic: Renewed Leader for the Transformation of Africa (November 29th).


Global Leadership Summit

Dr. Gershon K. Mwiti is invited to address the Global Leadership Summit on 23rd November on the topic: Raising the Next Generation of Christian Leaders for the Church in Africa