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Friday19 October 2018

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Vacancy: Executive Director at Oasis Africa

This is a leadership role and the holder should possess leadership, and technical qualifications, and must be able to play a supervisory and leadership role of a highly qualified professional team and support staff. A commitment to the improvement, and understanding, of psychological mental health situation in Kenya and around Africa is also a prerequisite. The successful candidate will be working with the CEO to provide strategic direction and maintain key external relationships

Download Complete Announcement Here [pdf]

Garissa University College Terrorist Attack - Trauma Intervention Report

On the 2nd day of April2015, Kenya woke up to unsettling news of a terrorist attack at the Garissa Moi University College. Gunmen had stormed the University killing 148 people, among them, 142 were students, and leaving over 79 casualties. Those injured were rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital whilst the deceased were taken to Chiromo Mortuary. Students who survived were then evacuated to Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi, where they re-united with their relatives and later were transported home


Limited Internship Opportunities for MA Students

Oasis Africa wishes to announce internship opportunities for MA Students in either Clinical Psychology or Counseling Psychology. Email your applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How is Kenya Coping – One year after Westgate Mall Attack?

This week marks one year since the September 21st, 2013 Westgate Terror Attack that left 72 people dead, hundreds wounded, thousands disoriented and others traumatized.

Research in the field of psychological trauma indicates that those who directly experience a disaster suffer the greatest impact: the wounded, bereavedand those who suffer serious loss. Next are the bereaved family members, witnesses of the event as well as others close enough to feel their pain. Trauma also impacts service providers.


Certificate in Counseling for Lay Christian Counselors

All of us sometimes struggle with life's challenges and yet, God calls us to be Carers and Encouragers of others. He is ready to use us if we are ready to learn how

  • Do you long to be an encourager?
  • Do you long for skills to help other people?
  • Do you wish to set up or belong to a Counseling Ministry in your 
  • Church? 

Learn Counseling Skills and obtain a Full Certificate from Oasis Africa  ... more details